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The Stamp Art Shoppe is proudly located in Roseville, California and specializes in offering unique artistic rubber stamps and accessories.  Along with a great selection of products, it’s the hope of The Stamp Art Shoppe to provide inspiration for all those who love tapping into their creative spirit.  For that we offer a wide array of classes covering new innovations and techniques for all experience levels conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  From cards, to altered art, to jewelry making and everything in between, it’s all here!  We invite you to stop on by and indulge yourself,  and in doing so, you might just “impress yourself!”

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Secrets Of People Who Follow Through With Creative Aspirations
Article by Jackie Johansen

We are busy, time flies, We have routines & habits that guide us through our days & to do lists. However....there is another part of us that runs parallel to our busy lives, another to do list that we keep close to our hearts. This is the list of things we hope to someday accomplish. These are soul projects, our creative vibrant projects like learning to paint, writing a book, traveling the world. Sometimes these inspirations are strong but often these desires are pushed aside & feel distant. When this happens we don’t shine as brightly as we could, we become unbalanced. Luckily the creative pull doesn’t have to go unanswered. We can learn from the habits of people who are able to accomplish the regular demands of the day & still fit in their creative projects.

Take Inventory Of Why Creative Work Is Important
People who are able to get the creative projects done, understand why it is important for them to do so. They understand this not just on a practical level but on a soulful level. For example, a writer feels better, more alive while writing even on the days that it is a struggle.

Prioritize Your Work & Manage Distractions
We live in a world of distractions, they are everywhere, accessible & promise instant gratification. The reason we are often easily distracted is because they only have the illusion of only taking up a quick moment of time. Put a container around these distractions & conversely put boundaries on your time you will spend focused on your creative work. It’s all about balance.

Take Consistent Action
Sometimes trying to exercise 3 times a week is harder than 5 days. The reason being is that when we engage in something regularly we build momentum & habit. This can be the same with our creative aspirations. We must engage with our ideas & goals regularly to have fun with the work, to feel what it is like to move thru doubt & come out the other side to grow creatively. The more we use our creative muscles, the more confident we become. Take classes regularly or join a monthly art group.

Break Projects Into Manageable Chunks
If you were to decide to start a project, you might become excited but also overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed or insecure is the perfect environment for stagnation, procrastination & distraction. The trick to moving forward with our creative aspirations is to make our goals small & manageable. Instead of saying, “I’m going to start my art project today.” Say: “I’m going to play with colors & jot down layouts!”

Trust Your Instincts
People who accomplish their creative goals, trust their instincts. Trust that your creative instincts will take you where you need to go. They will open doors to your personal & creative growth. It’s better to fail then never try something new.

Honor The Soulfulness Of Creating Something!